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Moving to a new country is a once in a lifetime adventure
Allow a professional to guide you so you can fully enjoy your fresh start.   

New American Development Agency (NADA)

 We are a Non-profit organization in Moorhead, Minnesota, working to bridge cultures and help New Americans overcome language barriers and become integrated in the Moorhead/Fargo area, both economically and socially. Many of these New Americans have found employment through NADA's help since the organization's founding.


 The New American Development Agency (NADA) has been serving with resettlement services and integration. We provide services aimed at promoting, and facilitating, self-sufficiency and full participation in society.


  Our primary purpose is to enable a better experience for these individuals and families through special transitional services, which leads to their successful integration into the socio-economic and civic life of this country, while continuing to maintain pride and staying connected with their cultural heritage.


  Through cooperation and collaboration with our partners, we help connect individuals to resources and assistance on education, housing, jobs, training, health services, domestic services, immigration assistance and more.

NADA is supported by two full-time and three part-time employees.

Help can be provided in English, Arabic, Somali and Kiswahili.

 NADA provides their clients with the following services:

  • Help with housing

  • After school programs for youth

  • Youth crime prevention 

  • Education development

  • Employment search

  • Community advocacy

Lending a Helping Hand

Open Hand Welcome

Open hand welcoming is an activity program that works to meet the immediate needs of Fargo/Moorhead area's New American arrivals, that the local existing service system does not have sufficient capacity for. 

These activities include: 

  • Individualized support, mediation, and counseling.

  • Group activities for adults, and academic support for youth, including classes and workshops.

  • Connecting with an informal mentor, who can provide support to the family, such as home tutoring and adult literacy.

  • Help with navigating new experiences, such as schools, to support parents and youth in maintaining a cultural and ethnic identity while they adapt to this new setting, with the goal of strengthening the bond between them. 

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